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«Ethan Russell Photographs» εμβληματικές φωτογραφίες σταρ της ροκ

Ο Ίθαν Ράσελ έγινε ένας από τους πιο διάσημους φωτογράφους του κόσμου της ροκ, με τον φακό του αιχμαλώτισε τους Beatles, τους Rolling Stones, τους Who. Το καινούργιο άλμπουμ του, με τίτλο «Ethan Russell Photographs», είναι μια συλλογή αυτών των εμβληματικών φωτογραφιών.

Wild Horses | Linda Ronstadt

Wild Horses // For the cover of 1976’s Hasten Down the Wind, Russell shot Linda Ronstadt after sunset at her Malibu home. “The horse,” he says, “was a complete accident.”


Play With Fire | Brian Jones |Rolling Stones founder and guitarist 

Play With Fire / Rolling Stones founder and guitarist Brian Jones at home in East Sussex, England, 1969


Empty Pages | Steve Winwood

Empty Pages//Steve Winwood, 1968. “He wasn’t very communicative,” Russell says. “He’s a stoner . . . in his own world a little bit.”


Get Off My Cloud | Charlie Watts and Keith Richards

Get off my cloud //Charlie Watts and Keith Richards on the Stones’ touring plane in 1972. “We were transitioning at this point into the celebrity culture,” Russell says. “They were at the top of the pyramid. Behind me as I’m taking this picture is Truman Capote.”


Milk and Honey | John Lennon and Yoko Ono

milk and honey // John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1968. “Photographing Mick Jagger was a huge fucking deal,” says Russell. “John Lennon was that on steroids.”


School Days | Chuck Berry and Mick Jagger
School Days // Chuck Berry and Mick Jagger backstage, 1969. “Here we have [rock’s] Generation One talking to Generation Two,” Russell says. “It’s a pretty historic moment.”


Rock and Roll Circus | Taj Mahal

Rock & Roll Circus//Taj Mahal and the Stones rehearsing for The Rock and Roll Circus at Londonderry Hotel in 1968. “It was family entertainment,” Russell says of the concert film. “When he came to the door, Keith leapt to his feet, strode over, and gave him a hug. Something I’d never seen Keith do.”


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